Female founded

“I believe true elegance is about forgetting about oneself and bringing beauty into the world for the sake of others. To forget about ourselves, however, we must feel confident, comfortable and enjoy ourselves first.

Windy Magdalena is about empowering women by emphasizing their femininity in a delightful way.

Expressing my pursuit of beauty through accessories and fashion is a dream come true. I love to turn beautiful fabrics into heirloom pieces that are treasured and make women truly enjoy wearing their garments and accessories – just as much as tasting their favourite sweets.”


Family owned
The idea of Windy Magdalena grew simultaneously with a growing baby girl belly. The brand was then founded with another beautiful girl on her way and has been brought up since then by Windy-Magdalena and her husband.

Buying from a family run business means: You never just buy our products. Instead you get all the love and care that went into creating them.

We feel truly honoured to welcome you to the family.

Our main source of inspiration is  exquisite & imperial Vienna. It makes us dream of a Dolce Vita in the city – experiencing the rich culture of Austrian Cafés and patisseries from a feminine point of view.

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