Origin matters

Each limited edition piece of Windy Magdalena comes to life through fine Austrian workmanship. We are proud to slowly create all our couture head pieces ourselves in the lovely South of Vienna.

100% Beautifully crafted in Austria

Premium fabrics

We only choose premium fabrics made in European mills – mostly Austrian, Italian and British – for our textile accessories. Doing so we always try to source our materials directly from the factories to make sure the textile supply chain stays as transparent as possible. In addition we use deadstock fabrics for our limited editions from European producers that would otherwise be wasted.

For our headbands we are constantly looking for unique, sustainably and ethically produced fabrics – in and out of Europe. For example, we happily found a supplier for cruelty-free peace silk in India.


For a small and young brand in a massive industry making sustainable fashion is a tremendous task given the long supply chains, the amount of different materials needed and the great number of people involved in the process. Since it is impossible at this point to control every single step of the way from raw materials to finished garments we like to rely on sustainable textile certificates such as GOTS and OEKO-TEX whenever possible.

To stay accountable for our transparent actions we decided to share the production origins of our fabrics in each product description.

Treasured collectibles

We prefer enjoying head pieces over possessing them and taking good care of our belongings over just using them. Our aim is to create fashion accessories that are treasured and passed on as heirloom pieces.

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