The Marshmallow effect

Inside all our covered headbands is a carefully constructed upholstered base that we developed for ultimate wearing comfort. Between your head and the flexible base piece are several layers of padding, lining fabric and outer fabric that make our headbands pain-free to wear all day and night long.

All about the base
Before dressing the headbands up in their beautiful fabric covers we are proud to hand sew the inner base padding and lining for every single piece. This does not only give us full control over the finished headband shape but over all the materials and components used in the process as well. Fluffy fleece, cut-to-shape foam pieces (made and cut in Austria) and a premium Austrian jersey are some of the ingridients that make our headbands so incredibly soft and comfortable.
Once on - never off

We got inspired to experiment with different materials and sewing techniques when we found out that what keeps a lot of women from wearing headbands is the headache they tend to get from their bad and mostly very cheap construction. That is why both our KIPFERL and AMMONITE models are sewn without a bottom seam (one that is often just covered with a bulky glued on tape in mass production!) but with a seam that goes entirely around the outer edge of the base.

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